Our trial passage aboard Ocean Magic



In the spring of 1999, we sailed to Hawaii as crew aboard Ocean Magic, a Swan 44 owned by our friends  Dan and Jeanne. It was the first leg of their trip across the South Pacific and their first ocean passage. The  weather turned out rougher than expected and the boat was somewhat overloaded at the bow resulting in  uncomfortable motions. I got my transscoop patch placed wrong side down behind my ear and, as a result,  did not get my medication the first couple of days.  I got seasick and never quite recovered until we arrived  in Hawaii. It was a very unpleasant experience, which initiated my fears of cruising. However, Hawaii was  so beautiful that it seemed that it was worth suffering some to get there. I do hope that passages on  Temptress, an older and typically more sea kindly design, will be more comfortable. In addition, we will  have the time to wait for better weather at the start of a passage. Long passages take only about 2 months  every year of cruising so, even if I keep getting seasick, I might still enjoy the overall cruising lifestyle.  Time will tell.