Boat Liveaboard Expenses for February 2018

We’ve been living aboard SV Temptress for two months now, and today we totaled up our expenses. Many people are curious about how much it costs to live this kind of life, so we will continue to share our expenses each month.

Our Budget

We estimated that we would spend less than $1,000 per month* over the course of our trip, and we are well under budget at just $506 for February.

  • We spent several hours at restaurants or coffee shops with free wi-fi internet. In those cases, we’ve counted the first $5 of our bill toward communications. The rest of the bill went under eating out. We ate out a LOT more in Key West than we normally would.
  • We also stocked up on several fresh grocery items (total $158), which included milk, bread, 5 or 6 dozen eggs and some fresh produce, as well as one bottle each of rum and tequila (these get very expensive in the Bahamas).
  • We also topped off our deisel tanks with $112 in diesel fuel.

Expense Breakdown

Here’s the detailed breakdown for the month:

*we, of course, loaded up the boat with a ton or more of preserved food and had our share of expenses in 2017 before the trip began. These are not included in our monthly living expense numbers. Emily also charges some monthly expenses, including about $50/month in communications expense, to her company, since she works throughout the trip.

Box Braids in Caucasian Hair

It’s hard to find information about how to maintain and style box braids in natural, Caucasian hair. Here’s my perspective and experience.

As a sailor, my hair is always in my face! So for the past couple months, I have sported box braids. There were 35 in January, and this month, there are 62! I spent a few weeks doing research, and found that there were few resources on how to put box braids in Caucasian hair, and how to maintain them. So I wanted to share my findings and perspective with you, as someone with fine hair, who also lives this active lifestyle.

Box braids are relatively easy to do! Unlike French braids or cornrows, they are simply three strands of hair braided together. If you can braid three strings together, you can do box braids.

I’ve put together two videos: one covers basic questions about box braids, and the other gives a closer look at hairstyles options, beading and removal of box braids.

Caucasian Box Braid Basics

Caucasian Box Braids: Q&A

You can also check these videos out on Emily & Clark’s Tiny Adventure YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching and following our tiny adventure!



Laundry on a Boat – Wringers and Water-Saving Tips

While cruising and living aboard, we avoid laundromats as much as possible, due to cost, effort and energy.

Here’s how we get clothes clean, save water and reduce drying time while doing laundry by hand on the boat. Wringers can be expensive and tricky to find, but we highly recommend them for serious cruisers who want to save money and reduce their reliance on shore amenities. Note: with our aluminum dinghy, we can also collect rainwater for laundry, which adds up to even more savings.

Here is a video about how we do laundry:

Here is the wringer we have aboard, which costs about $150.

VIDEO – Destination: Mallory Square (Key West, FL) Buskers and Street Performers at Sunset Celebration

We ventured in to shore at Key West today to check out the sights and sounds of Mallory Square,. Every night at sunset, hundreds of people gather to watch musicians, magicians, jugglers, street buskers, food vendors, and artists, and enjoy the sunset and local food and drink. A couple of the regular entertainers include Mr. juice the Calypso Tumbler and Dominique the Cat Man. Here’s a list of some of the other Mallory Street performers.