Norman’s Cay

Two days ago we arrived at Norman’s Key. We arrived in early afternoon and dove the sunken airplane here (video and pics coming soon).
In the evening, we met some Canadians aboard S/V Silver Fox (or Silver Fox II) who agreed to take our package to the post office when they got to Nassau! Thank you, wherever you folks are now, because there are two 5-year-old girls who were very happy to receive some homemade “mermaid necklaces” and beach treasures from Aunt Emily.
Yesterday was a big exploration day. We stopped at an island where there was a big concrete slab and the ruins of a small house, and looked at houses across the lake on Wax Cay. Then we found an area that dried at low tied, and walked all along a big deserted beach. On the way back, we met some Danes off S/V Capibara.
That afternoon, we ventured to a long open beach where we were the only ones around. We saw lots of plastic that had washed up on the shore, and inland from storms. We explored 3 caves and the new marina, then snorkeled the north tip of the “Whale’s Tail,” where we chased down a spotted eagle ray!
As the weather got worse, we headed back to the boat, where we spent the evennig playing Skip-Bo and watching The Life Aquatic.
Today is a rainy day. Clark flushed the dinghy motor by rinsing in vinegar. Then Clark joined Emily in watching JavaScript lectures. Then Emily made made purple soup, biscuits and cheesecake for dinner, and we played Skip-Bo. As it got darker, we kept casing seagulls off the boat.

Allen’s Cay

Today we left Ship Channel Cay and crossed a short distance to Allen’s Cay, home of hundreds of rock iguanas. We fed iguanas on two different beaches, and learned they have very sharp little teeth, and bad eyesight (ouch!).
Got up in the morning and climbed a small hill to look around. Fed iguanas again. Went to check out out a dive location and found a drift diving place. Went twice but GoPro died.
The following day, we returned to the drift dive location with our fully charged GoPro, and drifted 3x through a city of colorful fish. We saw a huge Nassau grouper, several Queen Angelfish, and a massive gray/blue triggerfish.
We got into the habit of saving our potato and carrot peelings for our iguana friends, and made the trip to the beach to feed them again in the evening. On the way back, Clark gave Emily dinghy drivers ed course on the water.
We wasted the next day swimming around the boat, visiting iguanas again, and looking through the guidebook for what do to next. We decided Norman’s Cay would be a great place to weather the next front.