Port Charlotte to Marco Island

We got to Marco Island Saturday afternoon, and anchored in Factory Bay. It was cold and windy (again) and so we spent a couple days down below. Clark has been reading a lot, and Emily is chipping away at online courses in web design, community planning, nonprofit governance, project management and organizational leadership.

On Monday, we got out to go grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie (they had a dinghy dock where we could tie up right outside the store) and to get a new alternator belt at NAPA. On the way to town, we met a couple Canadians named Bob and Monique off of The Last Waltz. They were going to go to Naples to pick up some parts for their boat and offered to give us a ride if we needed anything.

On the way back from grocery shopping, we scooped lots of coconuts out of the water to bring back to the boat. Unfortunately, we didn’t pick up any limes at the grocery store!


Speaking of Canadians, there are a couple more anchored right next to us, and their battery went dead last night. He came over to borrow our windlass battery in order to get restarted, and gave us a bottle of merlot as a thanks.

This morning, Emily gave Clark his first haircut since we left. Before we left, she got a lesson from Clark’s dad, Irv, who is a barber, but she’s still working on technique. We will definitely be re-trimming tomorrow! 

Sun shining into the house windows has always been a problem.  The glare can be quite uncomfortable when we are reading or watching TV.  We ran out of time before this cruise before we made replacement curtains, so we came up with a temporary $5 solution–3M hooks and Handi-wipes!


We cracked opens coconut a few days before we left, and a couple days later we made coconut milk, which Emily made into a coconut curry. We had curry, rice, rose water lemonade and stuffed grape leaves outside.

When we went to town a second time, Emily found a shell shop where she bought somejewelry making supplies. She’s finding ways to put our shells and beach treasures to use.

She ordered sone more supplies to be delivered to the West Marine in Key West. We toyed with the idea of going to Boca Grande to look for more shells, but due to weather, decided to hit it on the way back. Now we’re headed to Key West.