Rest of the trip

Just a note to address the rest of the trip.  I got really sick in Martinique.  I seem to have an allergy to something on that island that grows around Fort de France.  Same thing happened on the way south but to a lesser extent.  This time I was delayed there by first carnival and then by a French charter boat ramming me while I was at anchor.  By the time all the welding and fabrication was complete and Temptress was again sea worthy I was a mess.  Coughing to the point that I seemed to have damaged my lungs.  I sailed out and started north.  I just got worse and worse.  I had a time commitment to  meet my mother in the Virgins and by the time I got there I found without pushing myself I could only stay awake about three hours a day.  It responded to antibiotics and the second round killed it so I guess I had bacterial pneumonia.  All turned out well.  After dropping my mom and her friend off I sailed to Puerto Rico and hung out with some sailing friends for a couple of months.  I kind of stayed too long and miss the trade winds.  I had a lot of thunderstorms and light winds on my way home and just got to the keys before Hurricane season started.