March, 2007.

We arrived in Luperon, Dominican Republic after a comfortable 23 hour sail from French Cay, Turks and Caicos. Approaching Luperon you can see the mountains and smell the dirt! Quite refreshing after being in the arid Bahamas for so long. The harbor in Luperon is also a hurricane hole which makes it a very calm anchorage. You don’t even know your on a boat! Luperon is not a big town but it has all the basics. The ATM’s did not accept our foreign cards so we had to go to the Verizon store and pay a service fee to withdrawal money until we were able to get to the next city over and use the international ATM machine. The exchange rate here is 32.5 pesos per dollar. We went out to a couple of restaurants until we were able to get to a grocery store. We often went to this small local eatery called the pico pollo where you get three pieces of fried chicken, rice, beans and a salad for 70 pesos, which is a little over $2. We arranged a van with another couple to go to the big city of Santiago to do our provisioning. The local produce and meat were inexpensive but just about everything else was imported at U.S. prices.



We missed the big Carnaval party on February 27 but they had a smaller celebration in the park.


We arranged a van to go to the waterfalls called the 27 Sisters. It was quite an adventurous trip! We had two guides that assisted us in climbing up the waterfalls then we would slide down the chutes. Some we jumped, others we would slide. It was a lot of fun and if you went all the way to the top a 60 foot jump awaited you!




At last, we finally made it to one of Luperon’s cockfights! Every Friday the men bring their best cocks to compete! The owners tape razor blades to the feet before the fight and some pluck a few feathers off so their rooster does not get too overheated during the fight. The bets are placed and the fight begins until the death.



The free seats are behind the fence. The next row down starts at 150 pesos and goes up to 300 pesos for the front row seats!