February, 2007.

February was a very hectic month for us. We didn’t get to our webpage and I’m writing this after the fact. We continued to have problems with our transmission. After it disassembled itself it worked for a bout another 10 hours but then it started slipping. I think some of the metal filings from the earlier problem got into the clutch plates and messed them up. All this from hireling some work done! I’ve only hired 2 things done on this boat, and both have turned out to be disasters. I had a pump rebuilt that resulted in the loss of the engine last trip. I hired a new engine installed and it resulted in the loss of the transmission. Both caused by workmen just not caring about doing a proper job.

We sailed most of the way to Georgetown where, with the help of my parents and friends in Florida, I had another transmission flown down. I removed the engine and transmission at anchor and installed the new transmission. All seems fine with the new transmission.



We headed out from Georgetown to continue east. We spent a wonderful 2 days on an island called Conception. Where we dove and walked on the beaches. We had the whole place to ourselves for most of our time there.

We then motored to Rum Cay and sailed off the next day on a long passage to Mayaguez. That trip took all day and night but we had a relatively good passage. There was a bit more wind then we really needed and a few thunderstorms but the wind could have been right on the nose. When we arrived a front caught up with us so we hunkered down behind the reef to wait for the rains to pass.

Then it was off to the Turks and Caicos. We again had very nice winds. We were able to sail most of the way in calm conditions. We decided to head south for French Cay instead of checking into the main city in the chain. It looked like the settled weather would hold and we could leave the next day for the Dominican Republic.