Summer 2001 Logs

We arrived back in the US on July 27, 2001 and spend a week relaxing and cooling down in northern New York State with Clark’s family. Then we moved to Beverly, Massachusetts, 20 miles north of Boston, where Birgitta started working on July 23, 2001 in the New England office of Hart Crowser, Inc (her employer in Seattle).

A couple of weeks later Clark and I noticed an increasing number of what looked like mosquito bites on our skin. My infestation started around the neck and chin and Clark’s around the ankles and moved progressively to the rest of the body. We first thought we might have bedbugs or fleas, but Clark’s mom (a nurse) correctly identified scabies. The bites are supposed to start 1 month after exposure, so we probably got it in one of the two hotels we stayed in after leaving the boat. Scabies is easily treated with an insecticide cream which must be applied head to toe and left on overnight, but it was still an unpleasant surprise. Morale of the story, make sure you do not come in close contact with the blankets in hotel, stay between the sheets which are washed for each hotel guest. Or, according to Clark: never leave the boat. We also will take the leftover insecticide cream with us back to Mexico.

I (Birgitta) enjoyed my work very much, appreciating the intellectual challenges, “shoptalk”, and the feeling of doing something useful. Clark shared his time between visiting his family and staying with me in Beverly. He enjoyed having cable TV and diligently recorded tapes of good shows for future viewing. He also chased down parts for the boat, re-designed and updated the web site and cooked dinner for his wife (which was a treat).

During the weekends, we visited Boston several times and also went hiking, apples picking, foliage admiring, and saw several wonderful shows. We went to a Renaissance fair which was a little village built to ressemble a Middle-Age/Rennaissance village. There, we saw a tournament with knights fighting with lances, flame throwers, jugglers and entertaining comedians. We saw a fun play, “Shear Madness”, with Clark’s parents, modern dance and the Cirque du Soleil which was an amazing mixture of extraordinary circus, music, dance and fashion show! We visited a couple of museums and ate in fine restaurants several times, enjoying everything a large city has to offer. We also visited neighboring cities, Salem with Clark’s parents where we learned a lot about the witch hysteria in the late 1600’s, and Gloucester from where the fishermen of the “Perfect Storm” left.

I finished my summer job on November 9, 2001. We drove back to Mannsville, NY, where Clark’s family lives. Then I flew to Belgium to visit my family. I returned on time to celebrate Thanksgiving with Clark’s family. Then we flew back to Mexico on November 26, 2001.

The additional money earned will allow us to spend more time in marina and do some trip inland. Marina stays allow me to clean to my heart’s content with plenty of water, to rest after rolly anchorages, and give us easy access to land for trip inside the country. We look forward to inland trips such as visiting the copper canyon in Mexico, Antigua in Guatemala where we may take spanish classes, and parks in Costa Rica.

However, money was not the reason I had wanted to work. I realized I was truly missing the pleasure of using my skills and education to solve interesting problems, and the company of other working engineers and scientists with similar interests. I hope to be able to work again next summer in the US.