Oceanside, California

October 30, 2000. Oceanside, California, N 33 deg. 12′, W 117 deg, 23′.

The trip from Catalina to Oceanside was uneventful. The sky had cleared after the heavy rain of Sunday and was sparkling with bright stars as we left the island. We motor sailed most of the way because we wanted to arrive before dark and before the marina office closed, and the wind was just too light to allow us to maintain a 5 knots average. Of course, if we had had the energy, we could have set up the spinnaker and moved faster under sail. But we are a little lazy and the seas were still pretty rolly from the storm, so we used the “iron genoa”.
We tied Temptress in a slip in Oceanside Harbor after more than 2 months at anchor. The boat feels strangely still and we are suddenly missing the snapping shrimps we had grown used to. These creatures stun their prey with a very high speed water jet and in the process create a snapping crackling sound in the water (due to cavitating air bubbles) which gives you the impression that your boat is in a bathtub full of alka-seltzer (effervescent tablets). We will be here for about a week, visiting our friend Joan.

Neah Bay

August 23, 2000. Neah Bay

Today was a motoring day on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was very calm until late afternoon. We plan to leave tomorrow morning to enter the ocean. The forecast is good with wind 5 to 15 knots from the west, so we could sail on a reach. I hope you will receive all our emails soon. We have not yet been able to establish a radio link probably because of the Olympics mountains behind us. Also the marina in Port Angeles had many sources of potential interferences.