Emily Lindahl Willix

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Emily began sailing with Clark in 2016, and they spent half the year traveling from Tampa to George Town, and back. But before that, Emily was already living a minimalistic life in small spaces. In 2014, After moving out of a 2000-square-foot-house she owned with a college friend, she began living in a 112-square-foot tiny house, and then a 300-square foot studio apartment while she designed her own 225-square-foot tiny house on wheels. After meeting Clark and deciding his floating “tiny house” was much more practical and went to better places, she sold her tiny house in 2016, and her “Emily’s Tiny Adventure” Facebook page became “Emily and Clark’s Tiny Adventure.”

Emily owns her own consulting business that helps nonprofit organizations and small businesses work smarter to meet their long-term goals. She is thankful for a great team of subcontracting friends, and a few loyal clients who allow her to continue managing projects, conducting meetings and working from afar. She works about 10-15 hours per week and earns enough to cover basic expenses, and still invest the rest.

Emily doesn’t call herself a musician, but she likes to play around with music. While sailing, she carries a baritone ukulele and a 100-year-old German accordion, which she is teaching herself to play and various small percussion toys. Clark accompanies from time to time on his acoustic guitar.